Industrial Facilities Favour Skylights as Primary Light Source

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Industrial facilities welcome the Sun


Owners and operators of manufacturing plants and warehouses are rediscovering the benefits of daylighting as a primary light source in their buildings

Yes, rediscovering. Industrial buildings were once filled with daylight. That changed for two reasons. First, energy prices increased, forcing facilities managers to focus on heating and cooling costs. Second, fluorescent and HID sources replaced incandescent, providing more light at a lower cost and reducing the need for daylight.

The renewed interest in daylighting in industrial buildings—both new buildings and as an upgrade in existing facilities—is being driven by a desire to obtain the visual benefits of daylight and to reduce lighting energy costs by pairing skylights with daylight harvesting lighting controls.

Providing daylight as a primary light source in a space can improve worker morale, productivity and work quality. According to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, daylight harvesting—turning lighting OFF or tuning it down when it is not needed due to high levels of daylight at the task plane—provides an average 28% lighting energy savings

The key to obtaining these benefits is selection of daylight features that maximize daylight while minimizing hot spots, glare, UV transmission and solar gain. Sunoptics® offers a complete line of skylights and daylight delivery systems providing 100% light diffusion and high visible light transmittance, backed by experts ready to assist in the design of your next project. As part of the Acuity Brands portfolio, Sunoptics partners with Acuity Controls brands, such as Lighting Control & Design™ (LC&D) and Sensor Switch®, to ensure ample daylight translates not only to worker benefit but also reliably minimizes energy costs on an ongoing basis.

Newly installed Signature Series prismatic skylights from Sunoptics helped Electri-Flex Company, a leader in electrical conduit design and manufacturing, retrofit an existing 53,000 square-foot industrial building for its new Roselle, IL. manufacturing plant. The company installed 56 Signature Series skylights that cover approximately 3 percent of the roof area, and project quality daylighting from ceiling heights of approximately 40 feet.

The skylights significantly enhance the quality of light by increasing the light-levels from 30 to 40 footcandles to 55 to 62 footcandles. Additionally, the skylights help Electri-Flex save on energy attributed to both HVAC and electric lighting. With the reduction of electric lighting, Electri-Flex's building achieved a 30-degree reduction in temperature.

Click here to learn more about how to improve lighting quality while reducing energy costs in industrial applications with prismatic skylights. Also, Acuity Brands can put an entire daylight harvesting program together—including daylighting, lighting and controls. Check out our industrial featured page.



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