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The LED Promise


In 2013, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) published Estimated Adoption of LEDs in Common Lighting Applications, which evaluated adoption and energy savings potential for LED technology in nine common white-light lighting applications.

The evaluated markets included four interior lamp (A-type, directional, MR16, decorative), three interior luminaire (downlight, troffer, high-bay), and two exterior luminaire (streetlight, parking lot/garage) applications.

Nearly 50 million LED lamps and luminaires were installed in 2012, according to the study. DOE estimated these installations were generating energy cost savings of $675 million compared to the least-efficient conventional technologies.

Compared to the total installed base of lighting in the United States, 50 million is actually not a big number. For example, 5.5 million LED downlights provided service in U.S. installations in 2012, which is less than 1% of the total number of downlights. However, it is a big increase over the <1 million downlight installations estimated just two years earlier in 2010. Similar growth was estimated in the other eight markets.

LED is currently the fastest-growing lighting technology for its many benefits, from high energy savings to long service life. Gotham® and Lithonia Lighting® have a vast portfolio of LED downlighting products for commercial and residential applications. The EVO® and Incito™ downlights from Gotham come in a variety of shapes and aperture sizes while offering delivering precise performance with visual elegance. The quick and universal installation, as well as the cost-effective price, of the P Series™ and RV downlight product lines from Lithonia Lighting make them ideal for conversion to LED in the commercial, light commercial and residential markets.

DOE estimated if the nine studied markets had switched to LED overnight, American businesses and consumers would have benefited from $37 billion in annual energy cost savings, while the nation’s lighting energy consumption would be cut in half.

The LED transformation is just starting, but it’s already making significant inroads into the installed base of lighting, with dramatic potential for further growth and energy savings. Acuity Brands is proud to offer a broad range of high-quality LED luminaires and replacement lamps. These solutions, which can be integrated with digital and wireless controls and daylighting, are available for the full spectrum of indoor and outdoor commercial, institutional and residential applications.



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