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Download the free AB Library app for your smartphone or tablet to get access to Acuity Brands' most up-to-date product information, including Edition 11 of the interactive Product Selection Guide (PSG11)!



Key Features

• Access to up-to-date product information

• Ability to search by product name or catalog number

• Email or share any catalog page 

• Create bookmarks and add notes 

• Easy linking to specification sheets and photometric information

• Use the quick links to find a local sales rep and access the Acuity Distributor Center

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For more information on download instructions for the app and interactive catalog, visit

Acuity Brands to Showcase Solutions at Ligthfair 2014 

Acuity Brands has an exciting line-up of our latest lighting solutions to demonstrate at Lightfair 2014, from LED and OLED luminaires, to data-driven lighting-control systems and wireless controls technology. Our dynamic booth will feature 20 familiar indoor and outdoor applications, each demonstrating how you can create more energy-efficient spaces while experiencing superior-quality lighting. We'll show you lighting expressly designed for commercial, retail, education, industrial, healthcare, residential and streetscape spaces, and focus on the best practices for integrating lighting and controls into a seamless, cost-saving solution.

Meet with our product, applications and subject-matter experts for answers to your specific questions, and surf our touchscreen interfaces that give you even more precise levels of lighting-performance details. We look forward to seeing you at the show!

Eight Acuity Experts to Lead Presentations at LFI... see details here

Architectural Lighting Controls Q&A with Audey Cash, Value Stream Leader, Acuity Controls 

FrescoTouchscreenControllerrev3Q. What are the latest trends in architectural lighting control?

A. Trends in architectural lighting control aren't that different than what we're seeing in other lighting and control applications. LED lighting has become cost effective and is now controllable, and the efficacy of LED sources has become such that the designer no longer has to trade design for budget. Designers want to be more involved in the definition of the user interface, and are very cognizant of energy codes and standards, as well as client demand to reduce energy cost and consumption. Therefore, we're seeing a push toward systems integration. Aesthetics are still important, of course, but more practical options are becoming the theme.

Read more here.

New Master Specifications Now Available 

We have recently developed several new Master Specifications in CSI format that can be inserted into section 26 51 00 Lighting or 26 51 13 Interior Lighting Fixtures, Lamps and Ballasts. These include the D Series Area luminaires from Lithonia Lighting®, Bruno and Staple LED luminaires from Peerless® and for all eldoLED® drivers, including SOLOdrive, ECOdrive, LINEARdrive, and POWERdrive. In the near future, we will be adding specs for Vellum LED luminaires from Peerless. These Master Specifications will help you and your customers develop written specifications for lighting products in less time. They join our Master Specifications already available for RTLED and VLED Series from Lithonia Lighting and EVO® from Gotham®.

Please contact your Acuity representative for more information.

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FSL LL LargenLight Logo k

The FS Series recessed LED luminaire (FSL) from Lithonia Lighting® breaks down cost barriers for cost efficient, advanced LED lighting technology solutions. The long life of the LEDs help reduce maintenance and cost -- enhancing the overall value of the luminaire. The FSL comes standard with a 0-10V digital eldoLED® driver that provides smooth, seamless and flicker-free dimming to 1%.Ideal for office, school, retail and healthcare applications, the FS Series makes it easy to transition from fluorescent to LED.

stapleled2nLight Logo kxpointwireless

Introducing the Staple LED from Peerless®, the total LED lighting system for everyone everywhere who values uniform, color-consistent and glare-free illumination. The luminaire features two LED packages (HI or LO) and three color temperature options (3000K, 3500K, or 4000K). The Staple LED is paired with the 0-10V eldoLED driver that provides smooth and seamless dim-to-black dimming down to 0.1% and automatic fade-to-black dimming when powering off

4760 4760 png
4760 LEd Wildlife Series

The Hydrel® 4760 Wildlife Series LED fixture delivers performance lighting in a responsible wild life- friendly manner. Combing 591nm amber LEDs with a performance optical system and simple architectural style, this fixture is ideal for delivering soft, even illumination under canopies, covered walkways, and parking structures. Available with optional Adura® wireless technology or Sensor Switch® motion controls providing maximum operating flexibility.

whisperlednLight Logo k
Whisper LED

The Whisper LED from Mark Architectural Lighting™ is an architectural recessed luminaire that features gently sloping side panels giving it depth and appealing angles. Available in 1'x4', 2'x2' or 2'x4', the new door frame assembly with multiple options for the center panel allows you to achieve the appropriate design and illumination for each space. Combined with the eldoLED driver technology that provides ultra-smooth dimming resolution from 100% to less than 1%, the luminaire is equipped for maximum savings.

BZL mednLight Logo k
The Breez

The Breez Series LED luminaire (BZL ) is a new class of recessed indirect architectural lighting enabled by LEDs and advanced optical technologies. Its minimal proportions and interruptions along the ceiling plane ensure a clean, sophisticated appearance that complements today's modern architectural ceilings. With no lens, diffuser or refractor to collect dust or trap bugs, the volumetric illumination is full, natural and balanced.It is paired with a standard eldoLED dim to 1% driver and additional driver options like dim to black (0.1%), DALI and DMX/RDM for added savings.

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A Guide to Retrofitting with LED Lighting

Kevin Sumner, an SSM with Acuity Brands Canada explains retrofit lighting, and how LED products can create more attractive spaces to provide happier occupants.

Lighting a Path to Sustainability

Cheryl English, Vice President of Government and Industry Relations at Acuity Brands addresses how controls make lighting systems adapt to the needs of building occupants.

Will Your Next School Be Net-Zero?

Tim Hogan, VP Education Market at Acuity Brands describes how to achieve zero-energy status in schools while continuing to improve the learning environment.